It is “Taste”

After my first film, I embarked on an adventurous quest to try and write and direct at least one short film a year. Given that they aren’t free to make and the San Francisco acting scene is “meh” at best, the films that followed after “Sandwich” were hit and miss to say the least.

In 2005, I finally wrote something that I felt had a little more merit, was going to be easy to shoot in the streets and cafes near my San Francisco apartment, and most importantly, had a dachshund as a cast member.

The story is that of a man going for his morning breakfast. It starred Paul Bellar in that role as well as Katrina Baumgartner who I had worked with in a couple of films. For something that was shot in one long day for a budget of about $500 and an extremely minimal crew, I think it turned out pretty well.