Is This Old News?

There is a new film by this fellow you most likely know of named, Mike Judge. Perhaps you don’t know the name. If not, then saying that he was the creator of Beavis and Butthead, Office Space, and King of the Hill will most likely make you go, “Oh yeah, that guy.”
Many people have been moping around, asking the question as to when Judge will make another film. Just about every person I’ve ever met loves Office Space and reason would dictate that Judge’s next film would be great. So, when, when, when?
Well, it was made and released. The name of the film was Idiocracy. Yeah, I know, huh?!! Well, not completely huh, but, wha?!! I had heard about the film some time back and apparently it was finished over a year ago, yet was only released two months ago in seven cities. Given the fact that the content was about a dystopian future where everyone was an idiot consumer, you would have thought that it would have played in San Francisco. Yet no, it didn’t. This article goes on to explain much of what happened. One other thing that should be mentioned is that it paints what is currently happening in America in a pretty bad light. Having a film like this come out in wide release right before an election where those reponsible (mostly the Republicans) are looking to lose would have been bad.
Is that a bit of conspiracy thinking? Sure, but look at the facts in that we now have to wait for the DVD release. A release which I might add appears to be in Janaury of next year. They’re not even trying to get the Christmas rush with this thing. They want it very, very buried. Maybe this is just brilliant marketing, but having known many, many people in marketing, this kind of thinking is simply not possible. Even if the whle department took a running start and smacked their heads together, they would not be able to pull this off. So, to say that I am going to rent it is an understatement. I might… yes, that’s right… buy it.