Iran Stuff

The BBC is great for news. I have been catching a bit of it in between doing things here in Zagreb and have found it to be informative. I think when I get back to the US, I will suddenly feel like I am in the Dark Ages again when it comes to information.
On item that has been popping up a lot is the issue with Iran and their “new” nuclear capability. Naturally, this has been drawing ire from every industrialized nation in the world who wants to have a lock on this evil stuff. There was a more than typically snarky interview with Candi Rice where she went on at length about the problem without really saying anything. Not much of a suprise there. Man her face is getting twisty.
People are probably asking why Iran would want to do this? Why would they risk so much? My answer, politics.
Think way back to the year 1980. Remember how the hostages were held until right after Ronnie was in office so that their freedom would always be credited to him? Yeah, politics hard at work there definitely.
So, if you fast forward to now, who do you have in office? A president with extremely close if not THE ties to people who pulled off the hostage release delay. But, this does not really answer any questions though.
It was the BBC that pointed out the fact that Iran has had these capabilities for two years now. This whole speech is something of a dog and pony show for their people and the world. Why the delay? The answer to that is the same reason that Flight 93 is coming out this month as well. It has been five years since 9/11 and people are starting to forget. Bring out a movie about how Americans were heroes in the face of danger and people might remember. Have the Iranians show their might and then have Bush go in and “talk” them down, you have got good press.
Sure, it sounds a lot like conspiracy theory, because it is. But, just keep it in mind and do not be suprised if this all gets resolved around oh… the end of October. Also be prepared for massive memorials in September. The Republicans are hurting right now and I really would not put it past them to still lean on 9/11 to get re-elected. It is disgusting and makes me sick that all these people who died are being used this way without being able to say yes or no to it, but hey, that is politicians. They eat the cutest, smallest ponies for breakfast they are so evil.