iPhone users not knowing which end is up

There is a bit of a rumble in the Apple-worship sects about Google Maps being dropped from the iPhone. Personally, that’s a rat’s ass I’m not terribly inclined to really give as there as aspects of Google Maps that do indeed suck. For instance, trying to use it to navigate any part of Spain where there is more than just Spanish spoken is a disaster. Part of this is due to Google not opening up the MapMaker system to edit and correct all the mistakes. The other part is that Google is from the US and quite honestly doesn’t care/understand living in a multilingual environment.

That aside, there were a couple of interesting bits in that article that some people probably overlooked.

…the average number of DAILY users was much higher on iOS (9.7 million) than Android (7.2 million). This suggests that iOS users touch the Maps app more often than Android users use the Google Maps app…

…on average, iOS users spend 75.5 minutes per month using the app, versus 56.2 minutes for Android users on Google Maps apps…

While most would look at these numbers purely in terms of application engagement, I look at them for what they are: a testament to Apple product users not having a clue. If you’re having to hit up the maps application on your phone all the time, it means you really don’t know where you are and you have to sheepishly have a device tell you where to go.

While I own both an iPod Touch and a Mini (the later solely due to Apple asshole requirements in uploading to iBooks) I am not an Apple fan as they are just computers and suck as much as any other computer. It’s this herd mentality of people owning Apple devices, which you see in how much they have to rely on knowledge “helpers” when living their lives. Of course, my choice of words in this matter is nowhere as awesome as what Dan Lyons tossed down in regards to Instagram users on iOS devices getting all huffy that they’d have to share the service with Android users. That, is a tasty read.

Photo above from my tourist gallery that is just about to get its most awesome seasonal bump.