Introducing Watotees

Introducing Watotees

I ask little of those who enjoy my blog. In fact, I ask nothing. It’s a project that I create out of my own interest and enjoy maintaining. So, given that all I do is give to the net at large and have asked for nothing in return, I am now asking, not for some payment, but for help with a project.

For the last six months or so, #1 Fan and I have been working on a new venture together which will be a non-profit foundation called, The Maneno Project. This is still a work in progress, but it will be the parent organization of what are currently two other entities. One will be Afractal Magazine (again, another work in progress) and the other is Watotees, which is fully functional now. Watotees is striving to supply funds to the other two projects through a variety of means. This is where you, humble reader and photo viewer, come in.

We have created our first t-shirts to sell at Watotees which are all about Fufu, a ubiquitous root that is a food staple in Sub-Saharan Africa. They’re funny. They’re hip. They’re tan and brown and they’re available to buy. We have produced these out of our own pockets in order to generate revenue for the project and we are keeping no profit from the sale of these shirts. Everything is going in to providing capital for the project.

Why I bring this up right now, is that while I am probably running around somewhere in Madrid, Spain as you read this, I will be in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 10 days with #1 Fan, to start initiating this ground-up project and document the progress that we make. While we’re still going to do this no matter how much Watotees makes in the next few days, every little bit of extra money will help to aid those whose living conditions have nowhere to go but up if giving just a little bit of aid.

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  1. Refreshing surprise, Mike. Different from the otherwise “me is the world” mentality that is pervasive in SF haute couture. I hope others will see how cool and fun altruism can be, regardless of whether you buy into Ayn Rand or not.

    1. Good to hear. Hope you can buy one at some point. We just need to get some hipsters in to them and then they’ll rocket to stardom.

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