Introducing the iJam

In honor of our political race yesterday, I would like to present the, iJam. No, it is not that i-jam like we’d say it in English, but actually, iJam with the ‘h’ sound for the ‘j’ in Spanish because it is from Spain. For those who don’t know, jamón is basically Spanish ham. Sometimes those uninformed compare it to prosciutto, but that’s dead flat out wrong since prosciutto is not only Italian, but nothing like jamón.
I have officially begun my descent in to Spanish transformation as upon leaving Spain at the end of summer last year, I began to pine for jamón. It is extremely hard to get in the US (inversely prosciutto is quite easy to get making it suspiciously inferior to jamón.) Maybe it’s for the better as I’d just eat it all the time if it was here and get fat(ter). Anyways, because of this, I found iJam site to be incredibly funny as it spoofs Apple and jamón and does it very well.
This rather brilliant advertising firm in Spain called, Shacketon put the whole thing together with little other reason it seems than to have a laugh. Obviously they want to start up some kind of viral marketing to draw attention to themselves, which I’m more than happy to point their way. I saw it when it was still just in Spanish which caused a good deal of the jokes to be lost on me until Number One Fan did some translation. I was even ready to translate the whole thing out in this post so that it could be shared, when lo and behold they put English subtitles on the demonstration video you see a link to from the home page in the lower left. Good stuff. Check it out. If you’re ever in Spain, don’t taste the jamón unless you want to be hooked.
Introducing the iJam

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  1. Ick! But I’m torn. The parody is clever. The hock grosses me out. How to feel?

    1. Yeah, I really don’t know why they need to leave the hoof on. I’m told that this is the mark of a truly great jamón. But yes, it does remind me of ordering duck in a Chinese restaurant and getting it served with the head still on. Sometimes you just don’t need to know where your meal came from.

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