Internet Explorer is soooo Whacked

I’ve stopped using Explorer on Windows. It crashed too much and was seriously underwhelming to me. Firefox has been good to me. To be honest, the latest versions of Opera have been pretty good as well and I use them on occasion.
But the complete craptitude wasn’t completely evident to me until just recently at an ongoing web dev job I do where I had to re-render a large chunk of the front of the company site as an image because Verdana at the particular size they wanted to use looked like hell. It did not look this way in Firefox or Opera, just Explorer on Windows. I don’t know what they did the text rendering engine in Explorer, but it appears to be hosed. I tried everything I could think of to fix it, but in the end, we ended up with images where there should really be text. I suppose it’s for the better as the marketing group wanted to use Neutra there (it’s their main logo font) and there’s no way to get that to pop up on browsers. Yeah, I know, there’s that bit where you can get it download with Style Sheets, but that is far too unreliable for everyday use.
So, here we are, having to cheat basic fonts in Explorer. On a positive note, apparently, we can move beyond the basic five web fonts of: Times New Roman, Arial, Verdana, Courier, and possibly Trebuchet MS if you’re not worried about pre Mac OSX support. That’s right, Comic Sans can now be duplicated with Chalkboard on the Mac. So rock and roll.