Interesting divisive discourse

What is happening now with gay marraiges in the US is interesting. Ultimately, it’s going to be a rather large waste of time, since anyone who applies the letter of the law to gay marraiges can plainly see that you can’t stop them since they discriminate against a group of people (unconstitutional) and are mixing up church in with state (also unconstitutional.) The first item is what Mayor Newsom keeps referring to and he’s right. Of course the conservative christain groups don’t see it that way since they believe that gays are evil and going to hell. Why they don’t let God be the ultimate judge in this case, I don’t know and I don’t understand this screaming fear that they have. They’re a screwy bunch and I’m very happy not to be part of them.
At any rate, Newsom has been chided for his recent spate of marraige licenses granted at City Hall. People in the Democratic party saw it as a bad move during an election year, giving Bush all the ammo he needs to get reelected, since people will be focusing on that and not the issues at such, like Iraq, the economy, and the fact he’s an evil twisted piece of crap.
But, what’s happened is something that I figured would happen in that this has forced the hand of Bush to fully back a Constitutional Ammendment to go up for ratification. This is ultimately a doomed motion, since the amount of states and people in Congress needed to get this written in, is just far too many for them to pull off and it would trounce on civil liberties so badly that it would be hard for anyone to back it.
I think what will end up happening is that Democrats will oppose it as well as quite a few Republicans and other individuals, since jumping those who have jumped on Bush’s bandwagons in the past have gotten bitten by the fallout of them and this is something that just can’t pass. It goes far above and beyond the control of one man, which is exactly how it should be as founding fathers intended it. My hope is that this will end up being just another fight that Bushie picked badly. He seems to keep doing this and I hope that Kerry has the wherewithall to pounce on these and keep them fresh to get that nutcase out of the office.