Insurance Company Cruelty

For some time, I’ve been pondering why my crappy insurance plan with Health Net (but it’s not just them, they’re all crappy) doesn’t cover yearly checkups. It seems like a great way to avoid larger expenses down the road because things could be treated cheaply early on. It seemed like some odd oversight that I just couldn’t wrap my head ahead.
Then I realize that the insurance companies don’t make mistakes when it comes to their money. They have teams of actuaries figuring out all of these things and how to do the worst of all things in the world; make money from human suffering. So, or course I finally put two and two together. If people go in for checkups, they will find things that are wrong and want to fix them, thus costing an insurer money. If people don’t go in and only find out about something once they’re about to die from it, this will ultimately cost the insurer less money, since the person won’t be able to use their insurance or use very little of it.
It seems super pessimistic and overly conspiracy-laden, but when you think about the profiteering racket that is our current healthcare system in this country, then it really doesn’t seem out of place. The solution? National healthcare. Yes, it is that simple.