InstaKarma or Lack Thereof

It was an interesting day for chain reactions. I had a lot of errands to run, so I was out and about far more than usual and seeing more things than normal. Many of these things were actually quite far from normal and while I believe that karma exists it has a funny way of popping it’s ironic little head out.

For starters as I was walking up Sutter, there was a guy and his girl eating at an outside table in front of a local restaurant. They had their pit bull chained up to the table. I suppose this was in an effort to protect their pizza, but it had a rather opposite effect because along comes up a guy with a small collie of some type. The pit bull had no patience for this other dog being on his sidewalk and immediately took an enormous lunge at the unsuspecting dog. In doing this, the pit bull managed to up-end the table and completely trash their lunch. While it was a waste of food, it seemed a just finish to someone who felt they needed such a ridiculous dog.

Then there was a guy on the Muni 7 Line I was taking out to the Haight to pick something up. He was kinda shabbily dressed, but not in a homeless way, just sloppy. He reached in to his pocket and pulled out some kind of Twinkie item, unwrapped it and proceeded to eat it. This is of course against the rules on Muni, but I could care less so long as it doesn’t get out of hand. Well, it did of course as I watched him finished up the prefab snack and toss the wrapper on the floor of the bus. I nearly said something. I was ever so amazingly close and I don’t know why I stopped because I’m usually much more outspoken. But, I didn’t and I watched him get off, expecting karma to make him step in a large, fresh pile of dog leavings or someone to dump a bucket of trash from a 3rd story window right on his head. Such a thing didn’t happen and just to further state his feelings towards all others, he spat a good, large spit right in the middle of the sidewalk while walking.

It’s a mysterious thing this karma, but I suppose that’s for the better. If we figured it out we’d either get ways to get around it, or get ways to package and sell it.