Ineeka Makes Crafty Bags

Rarely do I write about any one specific tea here. My leafy ramblings tend to drift to tea at large and pointing people to the tea reviews section, which is closing in on 80 reviews at this point.
But, every so often some crazy tea comes along that I feel like writing about. I this case, it is the tea from Ineeka. They’re one of these new tea blenders that’s all about green this and free trade that and conservation here and organic there. These are all good things and I’ll always support a product that purports to be made with these ideas in mind. It’s just that it seems like everything and everyone has jumped on this bandwagon. For now, this is a good thing. I just hope that the fad won’t inevitably fade and we’ll go back to sludge and Twinkies.
Anyways, back to the tea at hand. Beyond all the catchphrases, this is very, very good tea. I tried the Himalayan Black as an introduction to their teas. It is simply one of the best black teas that I’ve ever had. The tastes qualities are wonderful and they damned well better be as it’s one of the most expensive bagged teas on the market.
But these bags that they sell the tea in warrant some special attention. They’re freakin’ wild. Not content to just be a standard paper bag or even a fancy silken bag like Mighty Leaf uses, they made a teabag that has, yes, “wings”. I know it sounds like a maxi pad slogan, but I don’t know how else to describe it. The bag has these little wings that fold out to sit on the edge of the cup. Then you actually open up the bag to pour the water inside as opposed to just letting it soak in from the outside.
I have no idea if this actually brews a superior cup of tea or if it’s just that the leaves they use are high grade and well-processed. Whatever the case, the end result it mighty tasty. I just need to move on and try some of their others now!
Ineeka Makes Crafty Bags