In Other News

As you are reading this I am either preparing for going/on my way/returned to San Francisco. Hey, I don’t know your time zone. I’m just not that good. I had to make a trip back to the homestead and clear out of the City for a few days. This is kind of sad when you realize that I’ve only been back from Europe for about a month. Oh well, such things happen.
It’s been a good trip and I have a few photos for the Oroville Gallery to upload when I’m actually back in front of Mission Control at my apartment, so keep an eye out. It was really nice to see the town in non-100 degree circumstances. Summers are pretty brutal and I usually avoid the town for that reason. Luckily, they’re having a late Spring up there and the weather has been quite nice. So nice that we did a load of yard work on the encroaching wilderness that is trying to make its way in to the living space of the yards. Having this much land is a problem unless you A) have all the time in the world to deal with it, B) all the money in the world to deal with it, C) or all the goats in the world to deal with it. Damn you John Bidwell! You and the climbing blackberry vines you brought in are the work of Satan. Satan and Satan alone!
I would also like to add that I have been checking my site logs a bit and it appears that Google has gotten around to indexing my site because holy mama; there are a ton of you coming in for my Bay to Breakers 2006 Gallery! I thought I had a decent set of shots, but somehow I’ve ended up at the 26th result on Google when you search for ‘Bay to Breakers 2006’. That may not seem impressive until you realize that this is out of 3.1 million results returned! I’m not sure how that happened, but yes, the content is very relative. I have a lot of shots and I’m tempted to add a few more that I have sitting around just for kicks.
Hope your Tuesday is good and not filled with shooting down I-5, across I-80, and through the sprawling suburbs that were once a hushed blanket of nothingness in the Sacramento Valley. Oh grandma’s house, where did you go? Ah, you sold out your place to a Starbucks. Good call.