In the papers


As my mother in-law was reading their local paper this morning she pointed out a story of a man having to be rescued from a well in the village of Fornells de la Selva. As it turns out, the family masia also happens to be in Fornells de la Selva and it in turn happens to have wells–two of them in fact. They haven’t supplied water to the farm for some time and are generally dry most of the year.

It would generally seem that this issue of a man having fallen down a well could in theory have happened just about anywhere in the village. There are after all countless wells to be found given that it is a rural area quite full of them, although most people gave up on the bucket drawing and decades ago for proper pumps and bore holes.

So in the end, I wouldn’t have given this article a second thought except for the fact that the evening before I had finished tearing the ivy off the sides of the well and knocking down a crumbling portion of it with a sledgehammer making it quite accessible to those with a mind set upon falling down a well. The coincidence was rather bizarre but thankfully a quick look out the window revealed neither the Well Extraction Force nor the local media. I did however then notice that the trees needed pruning…