Imaging is Alive!

With many congratulatory thanks to Mr. Len Lyle, I have finally gotten my Photos section up and running.
On the one hand, it’s a pretty simple area that shows a bunch of images, a title, and a coupel thoughts on them, but on the other hand, its also a very complex, class-driven, dynamic, database-powered system that is very efficient at what it does. There are a lot of functions at work in it in order to pull up the right pages as well as some crafty mod_rewrite work at play which keeps everything looking pretty for you the end user.
I’m going to be adding in more shots as time goes on, as well as a system that will paginate the listing into nice, nine images per page chunks for faster viewed and a lessened strain on my database server. Sure, I could make static pages for it all, but just think, everytime I wanted to add something new and have it appear at the beginning, I’d have to shift everything down a level, incurring massive amounts of hand work and the possibility for grave inaccuracies. No, you’ve gotten got database if you’re gonna go there at all. I did and I’m happy about it. Enjoy…