I’m Reading Matt Damon

Just the other day I was thinking (actually, no, I wasn’t, but go along with it), you know with Ben Affleck all up in Congo’s aid business, where on earth is his best buddy Matt Damon? I mean, he’s done soooo much for Darfur, but has otherwise been kinda quiet lately. Ah, that’s why… while Ben has been saving Congo, Matt has been saving Zimbabwe. Man, what a duo. My awareness is so raised right now, that I probably shouldn’t get out of my chair for bit.
Of course, the big thing with Matt is that he skipped that whole fact finding thing that Affleck was trying to do (and for which I initially admired Ben until he went to ABSS). Yeah, Matt is completely in to the “Won’t somebody please think of the children?!!” phase of it all. And hey, don’t get me wrong there are some serious problems in Sub-Saharan Africa which remained unsolved after decades of ill-constructed aid programs. It’s just that when reading

action has to be taken

…right next to a headline about how Rachel Ray would do her FHM shoot again tomorrow, it makes me ask the questions, “Um yeah, okay, what ‘action’?” Why does the news even cover these soundbites anymore? They’re useless and while I have don’t the solutions (I don’t think any one person does), I’m not sitting there, trying to use my “celebrity capital” to bring attention to issues that have already been brought-ed. Of course, I actually don’t really have any “celebrity capital” to use, but still, ergh.
As a side note, Morgan Freeman is playing Nelson Mandela? I guess with Don Cheadle typecast as Rwandan and Forest Whitaker typecast as Ugandan, that just left Freeman or Denzel Washington to play Mandela. Way. To. Stretch. Yourselves. Hollywood.
I'm Reading Matt Damon