I’m Pissed

Okay, so no blackout. It turns out that while the majority of things are closed in Vienna, a good number are still open on Easter because of yours truly and others of my ilk; the tourists.
I am reviewing my photos of the trip because I am getting bored in Vienna. As I am reviewing them, I am happy with many, but a lot are really irking me. I am realizing that I am not surprised aout the irksome ones as I did not like the framing on the shot when I took it. I figure the reason is that I only have the stock 18-55mm lens that came with my Canon Rebel XT. I have looked at others’ photos and checked out their lens setups to see that a lot of shots are of course in the 100-300mm range that I just can’t hit. Somehow, once I have paid off the effing Palace Hotel in Zagreb, I need to buy a 100-300 zoom. I feel left out of the crowd, like that kid in high school who is trying to be cool by smoking, but is puffing on a pipe and not cigarettes.
At least I think I have figured out the cause of some of my problems. The others revolve around me always trying to be stealthy with my shots because I don’t want to be “That Guy” with the camera hanging off him with the huge lense as he annoys the crap out of everyone with all his shots.