I’m Huge on Vueling

Flying is never the greatest of experiences for me. Even on the best of flights, the fact that I’m 193cm tall makes just about anything short of Business and First Class a painful experience. Given that unless I’m bumped up a class as I was last year, I am always stuck in Economy Class which is the only one I can afford.
It’s a pretty standard thing really. I get in to my seat and my knees are almost touching the seat in front of me. Once my frontwards friend goes in to recline, then my knees are getting crushed. It’s never really comfortable, but I just deal with it, because thems the breaks.
Then I flew on Vueling which is a Spanish budget airline. I suddenly learned the price of a cheap seat. Without the frontward seat even being in recline, my knees were jammed in to the seat back that made me count the minutes until landing in Barcelona. As I looked around whilst experiencing ever painful moment we were on the flight, I realized that Spaniards are indeed much shorter than me on average and people were fitting in to these seats a whole lot better than I was. In fact, they looked quite normal, only rubbing in the fact that I’m a large man in a world much smaller than me. Of course, it doesn’t help that Vueling takes an Airbus that other airlines put 26 rows in to and use the space “better” by putting in 30 making it the case that anyone over 175cm can’t fit in to the seats properly. Goody…
But enough about planes, I’m off to find some table corners to bump in to!
I'm Huge on Vueling