I’m Huge in Spain Part One

I'm Huge in Spain Part One

“Watch your head there.”, Elia said quickly as we made our way down the Metro stairs. I looked just in time to see a yellow and black striped warning tape across a low-hanging ceiling corner. Apparently if the average Spanish man was leaping down the steps, he’d hit his head on this. For me, just standard walking would have planted this right in the middle of my nose bridge. This wasn’t the first time I experienced this.

In general, I’m gigantic here. There are some tall guys around, but not that many. My head is in great danger in a great many places. It’s not like I’m really that massive at 193cm, but the average height of a Spanish guy is 178cm. This also plays in to the fact I have a hard time finding shoes with my big size 46 flippers.

I’m sure I’ll manage, but will keep a couple of bandages handy just in case. Luckily, once in Croatia later today, while I’ll miss Spain a great deal, my head will be in less danger. Most of the time anyways.