I’m Huge in Sarajevo

I was running through my photos and updating the section here on the site (check out the Sarajevo Gallery if you haven’t) and I came across this gem of my hugeness while we were running around the town.
It’s true that in general, my height wasn’t as much of a problem as it was elsewhere, but still, there were a number of “no Michael zones” to be found. One such one was the Svrzo House (yeah, had to start my own Wiki page for that one.) It’s full of low doorways and many a Hudintrap. Obviously, it was built in a time when people were a great deal smaller. And if you look at the pictures, by great deal, I mean, midgets.
The only person who had it worse was the blind fellow who was checking out the place (they gave him special permission to touch things in the rooms) and he was also my height.
I'm Huge in Sarajevo

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  1. I don’t know how tall you are but you should note that Islamic architecture is such that doorways are purposely built low so that one has to bow upon entering a house or room.
    True, people were shorter a few centuries ago but that’s not why these doorways are so low.

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