I’m Huge in Paris

Welcome to your local Ibis Hotel and more importantly, welcome to Paris, France. Your stay here will be delightful and we want to let you know that we’re here to help you in any way that we can.

Take the elevator up to your room. Just remember that only two people at a time can go and without luggage or it just won’t work because it exceeds the weight limit. Yes, it is supposed to hold three people, but unless you’re French, you’d be best off sticking to two. With no luggage.

When you exit to your floor, you will notice that it is 5 1/2. No, this is not a mistake. We’ve numbered all our floors with a 1/2 because by cutting the ceilings to a mere 198cm (6’5″ for those who chose “different” forms of measure), we’ve managed to get an extra floor in our hotel. Imagine that, an extra floor! And yes, we do pass the savings on to you. Your bargain price for one night will be 79 euros. Just don’t think what that is in dollars and you’ll be fine.

Once in your room (watch the low hanging lights) you’ll find it to be clean. We take great pride in this. We clean everything and you’ll enjoy how clean it is, especially the shower ceiling, because those 198cm become 188cm in there and we’ve noticed that the ceiling gets dirty at an unreasonable rate. We don’t understand why, but we make sure to clean, clean, clean just so that everything is good for our guests.

But please, make yourself at home and enjoy your stay with Ibis. We are here to house you snugly!

I'm Huge in Paris