I’m Huge in Italy

Much like the Huge in Spain Part 1 and Part 2, I found myself to be gigantic in Venice. Whether it was nearly hitting my head on the top of the vaporetto or just not fitting through a door without turning sideways, for some reason I always stuck out. It’s true that on average Italians are a lot smaller than me, but it seems like everything in Venice was built around the “secret door premise” meaning that nothing was ever really meant to be a main passageway somewhere and thusly, was better suited for stealthy escapades in the middle of the night.
Then, if there was construction on something, I really had to watch out because small spaces were made smaller. Anyways, the picture below shows my general need to watch it everywhere and duck regularly. I have no idea how fat and tall Americans make it through a visit to Venice without some pain.
I'm Huge in Italy