I’m Far Too Large for Courtesy

I have no distaste of it. Opening doors for women and being courteous and doing all the things that men have traditionally done are fine by me. Of course, one thing I’m not in to is being the sugar daddy and paying for everything. I find that an unfortunate outgrowth of the old world traditions.
My big problem with all of this is that physically, I’m too large to do it. I’ve been noticing this lately, which is strange, since I’ve gotten much more coordinated than when I had my first growth spurt and was awkward as hell. Basically, a typical situation is this: I start to go for a door and see someone else coming and move aside to let them through first. The only problem in doing this is that there were several people behind me, whom I’ve just now very cordially ran over with my shoes. Another case was when I started to get out of an elevator and then stopped to let a woman in, only to realize I had suddely blocked the entry to the rather narrow elevator.
It seems to be happening more and more as the days go by and I’m starting to think that being rude, while insulting to a single individual here and there would be safer to the general public.