I’m Confused

All right, so as far as mobile phone history goes, there once was Airtouch (which may have been called something before that, but this predates my phone ownership) which was then transformed in to Pacific Bell Wireless. This then merged in to Cingular which was actually a conglomeration of many smaller cellphone carriers that banded together for a shared stake. Then, SBC bought out Pacific Bell and thus they owned their stake in Cingular which added to SBC’s stake in Cingular. Cingular then became so big that it bought out AT&T Wireless.
Now we get to more modern times where SBC has bought out whatever was left of AT&T and have changed their name to AT&T. Also at this point, it appears that only AT&T (the new one that was SBC) and Bellsouth are the owners of Cingular. Well, AT&T is now buying out Bellsouth and guess what, they’re apparently going to change the name of Cingular to AT&T.
This is all very, very confusing to me and honestly, I really liked the old name of Airtouch, which was simply one of the best names for a wireless cellphone carrier. I wish those days would return and someday they might actually, since it seems like to me that AT&T is quickly and nearly completely becoming a monopoly. Of course in this day and age that appears to be fine with the current administration as long as they’re paid off.
I think this is another reason why I don’t have Cingular anymore. I switched to T-Mobile some time ago as they’re a European company that doesn’t appear to be going anywhere. You can tell this because they’re the only company in this whole bit that I felt safe linking to as I don’t think their name will change in the next six months. Crazy, just crazy. And yes, you the consumer are paying for all this, including the three name changes for the San Francisco baseball park from “Pac Bell Park”, to “SBC Park”, to what will undoubtedly be “We Are AT&T Inc.” some time very, very soon.