I’m a walkin’ kind of man

Lately I’ve been taking this fast, express system to get around San Francisco. It’s pretty amazing really. It will get you anywhere you need to go, it will do it faster than anything else, and it’s free. Naturally, I’m talking about my two feet.
This is an exagerration of course, since trying to get from thw downtown area out to the Outer Sunset would be tough, since it’s about seven miles (eleven kilometers) and that would take one dandy long time to cover on foot. But, thankfully, I don’t live anywhere near the Outer Sunset, I live in downtown and everything I need to do or see is in walking distance.
It is true though, that this is probably the faster form of transportation in this area, since both buses and taxis are dreafully slow. The taxis have the added negative of being very expensive and driven by guys who either don’t know where they’re going or are tyring to take the longer route to get to your destination. Bus routes are limited of course, but they are cheap. Natrually they have their problems as I’ve complained… er discussed about before – here
I think that the best part of running around on foot is that you get to see things you miss when you’re dazing out in a vehicle, such as a small little protest I saw on Market street as I was walking down to 2nd street. Kinda of a weak protest, but it had some good constumes, including this one that was a bride and groom with Bush being the groom and the bride being “Big Oil” and the bride was “giving it” to the groom.
Now, I’m not a staunch supporter of walking and certainly wouldn’t mind taken public transportation if it were better. I really wish that the system was given a facelift in this city, since a system like this works very well here, due to the compact nature and limited scope of the size of the city.
Having had my fare share of taking lousy rides from taxi drivers and nearly getting hit by the idiots who are running red lights, I think we should ban taxi and limousine services in city limits. This would force people into taking public transportation and demanding that it runs more frequently and reliably. I don’t know, just a thought to fix up a system that’s already there and just needs a little something more to make it parallel such an expansive system as the New York subway or London Tube.