Ignorance & Hookers

I was running to catch a film at the AMC 1000 on Van Ness and as I was moving as fast as I could through the Tenderloin, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a rather fat, white women on one of those fat carts as I call them (motorized chair scooter that was original designed for people with little mobility, but generally used by the ridiculously obese.) The women stopped outside a corner convenience store and without provocation proceeded to yell a long string of racial epitaphs at the middle eastern guy behind the counter. While not wanting to repeat it word for word, it was something along the lines of the fact he should go back to his country to make it easier to bomb his ass.
It was almost enough to make me stop and tell the woman off because it was just so aggresively stupid, mean-spirited, and part of the reason why we have so many problems internationally right now. But, I stopped myself short, realizing that she was a very sad person and probably had little but her fat cart and attitude to keep her going. I feel that it’s fine as to whatever attitudes and views you wish to have, but it’s when you intrude on others’ ways of life that there becomes a problem.
All in all it was a sad display, but also a good reminder that even in a place as liberal as San Francisco, ignorance and hostility are still thriving fungi.
I made it to the movie in good time, but had to stand in a rather long line. As I got closer, I saw the “Lost in Translation” was sold out. A true testament to the solid quality of the film, but also a sad fact for me as it left me sans movie viewing pleasure.
So, I ran back home to meet my girl. As I was at about Larkin and Sutter, I saw a very tall, black prositute. Not feeling a great need for her services, I kept walking without looking over. As I passed her, in a voice, two octaves lower than mine, that made an Adam’s Apple move I heard, “Looking for fun this evening handsome.” To which in my mind, I answered, “Dear god no, no, no, what the hell place is this that I mistakenly wandered into. Oh right, my neighborhood…”
At first it didn’t bother me much, but as the realization that I had just been solicited by a black, tranvestite hooker had sunk in, it gave me a wicked case of the willies. Needless to say, once home, I spent the night in!