If you have to read them the subtitles, they are too young

Saw “Kill Bill” yesterday. It’s an interesting film. It takes chances and it’s good to see that Tarantino is trying out new things. Some work, some don’t, but overall, it’s a very interesting film. I just wish that it had been in one installment, rather than two. As opposed to The Matrix or Star Wars triologies, which I feel have something of a comic book nature to them and lend to being broken up, Bill just seems like it shouldn’t have been chopped up and that you’ve gone into your kitchen to get some popcorn and come back to fine that the VCR has eaten the tape.
While the movie was an experience, what was really amazing was that these two parents had brought all of their kids to see the film. Without a doubt, this has to be one of the goriest and most graphically violent movies I’ve seen in a long time. It does it in a way that purposely over the top, but at the same time, it’s insanely violent. More so than any of Tarantino’s previous films.
I’ve seen kids brought in to films before that I felt they shouldn’t be at and while it isn’t my place to tell people how to raise their children, it’s my feeling that if you have to read any subtitles to a child during the film, then chances are, they’re probably too young for the film, no matter what the content.
This movie scarred me in a way that that I usually associate with Kubrick films. I don’t really want to think what it might have done to such a young child.