If You Can’t Do, Sue

There is a particular website out there who is now suing Google over the fact that their site’s listing has heavily dropped in the last year or so. They claim that Google is the reason for their loss of business. I won’t link to the site (whose name has ‘kinder’ in it) because that is exactly what they want.
You see, this is all a campaign to draw attention to their site because well, their site sucks. Either Google’s system found this out or a human being actually looked at it and saw that it was crap. I’m sure that if this ever did go to trial that they’d be shown to be commiting PageRank fraud because there is simply no was such a crappy site should have any degree of PageRank. There have been other instances of this recently where Google has delisted sites like one of the BMW sites because they were fixing PageRank.
I primarily fault this group’s web development person as there are several key elements missing, such as a DOCTYPE declaration and a robots.txt file. That and the code is simply horrid. It’s a simple case of the fact they suck as a website and content writers, so they’re attempting a suit to get free advertising. This will only backfire for them, since they don’t have the goods to back up repeat visitors. I hope they have enough money to pay their legal team fees for the losses they’re about to incur!