If you Call me, you Lost my Vote

I don’t watch TV because I’m cool and I’m telling you this because I want you to know it. But in all seriousness, I can’t stand the commercials as well as most of the programming. So, I can’t even imagine how it must be on the air currently with all the political ads running. If it’s anything like my mailbox or my phone, it’s miserable.
And really, that’s the reason why I can’t wait for this damned election to be over. If it was just the mailbox full of crap that I have to recycle everyday, I could stand it. But, it’s the constant phone calls. So many of them disguise themselves as a poll or something else, when in reality they’re pitching some candidate or measure to me. It’s specifically because of an annoying call from some goomba guy telling me, “Hey, on Novemba foorth, vote for my pal, Joseph Alioto Jr.” that I absolutely will not vote for Alioto. That and I’m tired of that family being the San Francisco political scene of course.
Larry David and his, I can eat, but mostly standing up article about the election pretty much sums it up. Never before have I wanted an election to pass so that I can answer the phone without a robocall waking me up in the morning. And actually get mail again from someone I know seems like a dream too good to be true. I guess I should be thankful I didn’t give out my email.
If you Call me, you Lost my Vote

2 Replies to “If you Call me, you Lost my Vote”

  1. You opted-in to receive political phone calls when you filled out that voter registration form. Phone and e-mail are optional.

    1. No, actually, I didn’t. There was no box to check or uncheck for that. Maybe there is now, but there wasn’t back when I filled it out and previous elections have not see the intrusion of privacy that this one has for me. And if you’re saying that just by filling out the registration card, I opened myself up to this, then I call bullshit, since there is no other way to be registered.

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