if Tri Jezika eq One Day then Scream

I think I finally realized why I’m sorta out of it all the time lately: I have to communicate in three languages daily.
First off, there’s the grand ole English. That’s not going away of course. I have to write and talk in that puppy all the time. Okay, no big big deal. Then there’s the Croatian. This Slavic language is so far removed from English that trying to compare it to anything would be ridiculous. While my class is only one very intense hour of my day, I think I spend about three additional hours a day trying to wrap my head around it. Lastly there’s the programming. It took me awhile to realize that while I’m not speaking this to anyone, I am communicating to the computers with it. In fact, I’m using about three different programming languages at any given point to do my work!
Tie all of this together and you end up with one muddled head. Thankfully (or unfortunately) once my class is over this week, I won’t have Croatian making me dizzy and I think I’ll be able to be “here” a bit more instead of trying to string together conditionals or declining something in an instrumental case to figure out what to say.