If I See One More Sexy Nurse…

So, it’s Halloween. Good times in San Francisco which happen to be made even longer by the fact that this holiday falls on a Tuesday this year. So, to all those that want to par-tay, you simply start the weekend before to allow for full money’s worth of your costume.
I’m all for it. This is a lively town and it’s fun to get caught up in the spirit of things. It is pretty bizarre to note how skimpy girls’ outfits have gotten. Once again, I’m all for it, but there is a certain lessening of homogeneity that could be approached. Such is the case with the “sexy nurse” outfit. A mainstay of costumes and such events as Bay to Breakers in both male and female versions for some time. It has run its course though. Every third girl is wearing this outfit now. Some guys might be cheering, “Ah yeah baby, show them puppies!” but to those guys, I posit the question, have you not seen that all these girls with the skimpiness, and the cleavage, and the “puppies” hanging out are usually already with some guy?
I would further like to open the topic up for discussion by saying, perhaps some of the old “sexy” outfits could come back, such as “naughty Catholic schoolgirl”, “naughty cheerleader” [maybe], “naughty Girl Scout”, “sexy French maid”, “sexy police chick”, and my personal favorite: “tarty Minister of Foreign Industrial Integration”. Has it really gotten to the state in society where were have been stranded with just nurses? Is it a reflection and commentary about the state of America becoming a health care economy? Eh… probably not. Some girls just wanna show off, yet don’t want to put a lot of thought in to it.
Enjoy your candy!