I normally do not resort to cussing on my pages here, but the guys who either work or just hang out at Charlies Internet Cafe on Gajeva Ulica in Zagreb at fucking idiots.
I work in computers, so I am used to the geek factor fer sure. I do not know why it is usually like this other than the fact that computers require poeple to be rather introverted in order to work on the well. This is of course the problem with helpdesk, since it requires you to be introverted and extroverted at the same time.
Anyways, I have never seen a bigger bunch of dorks than at this place. Yeah, it is true, I can not understand everything they say, but the fact there are no women around them and they reek of Comic Book Store Guy aura, pretty much says it all. They have this attitude like they own the place and it is their little clubhouse. In the process of this, they have probably chased away a good many customers, like myself who just can not take these guys and their idiot crap anymore.
So, where do you go for Internet in Zagreb? That is another article, since there are about five pretty good options I have found and that is if your hotel does not already offer free wifi or an internet station in the lobby, which many seem to do these days.