Idiocracy is Good!

A little while back I wrote about the latest film from Mike Judge (creator of Bevis and Butthead, King of the Hill, and Officespace). The name of the film was Idiocracy and the only reason that I think it was buried was because Studio Executives are dumber than the humans 500 years from now.
Okay, well, there’s the other fact that it paints consumerism and marketing in an especially bad light. But really, it’s a pretty damned funny film and is unfortunately very on point. I will readily admit that it isn’t Office Space, but I can easily see it gaining a similar cult following. Classic lines like, “Go away, batin’!” can’t be ignored.
Anyways, go out and rent it just to help make it a sleeper rental hit. Then of course you should shake your head in disbelief that this was buried from release while they’re creating another one of those damned Rush Hour movies. Haven’t we been punished by the ever unfunny Chris Tucker enough by now? I know I have. I would almost feel bad for Jackie Chan to have to be in the same film with him, except that I know he done got paid for that business.