I Tried the Snail

One of the last things I did while in Spain this year was to finally try escargot, or ‘cargol’ as they’re known in Catalan. Obviously the thought of eating a snail is always one of the more revolting things to American sensibilities, but I suppose at some point, one has to broaden one’s horizons and try that which might otherwise be found completely repulsive.
So, how do they taste? Like not a lot I found. It’s basically the sauce that is the key to the buggers, because otherwise, the snail itself doesn’t have a ton of flavor. Sure, there’s a little and what’s there isn’t really all that offensive because it really comes down to the premise of picking this garden slug out of its shell and savoring it. Now that I’ve tried snails, I can’t say that I would really seek them out again. They’re just kinda plain and I would much rather spend my time eating other creature. The in laws love them and they’re quite sought after in Catalonia because there is actually a season for the buggers, which in turn has created a saying:

al juliol, ni dona ni cargol…

This means that it’s too hot in July for both lovin’ and for snails, just to put it in to perspective how much your typical Catalan loves the snails.
I Tried the Snail

3 Replies to “I Tried the Snail”

    1. When I was very young, my father used to gather them up from the backyard and make snail sandwiches, which he ate with exaggerated gusto. He now has two sentimental American, vegetarian daughters. I credit the snails.

    2. Yes, it was enough to make me go vegetarian as well with all the inlaws slurping and loving the little buggers. I think I’ll still to meat with claws or hoofs for the meantime.

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