I See Bluetooth People

I don’t know why the thought struck me over the weekend. Maybe because I wasn’t doing much except looking around the rumor sites for Apple crap or maybe it was because I was a little delirious from this funky eye thing that’s going on. At any rate, I think I know the next innovation that’s coming our way on the iPods–Bluetooth.
For those who don’t know, Bluetooth is a limited-range wireless transmission standard that allows data to be sent through the air. You may have heard about WiFi or wireless internet on a cellphone, but this is quite a different system that runs on a different standard. It has the major plus of using very little power, but at the same time has the minus of only being able to trasnmit 30 feet or so.
With that in mind, I realized how well this would fit in to an iPod. Afterall, they’re kind of reaching the end of innovation on those things, since color screens and larger storage are about the only new items they can come up with. There is an iPod phone coming out soon and there will undoubtedly be a video iPod somewhere down the road, but all that stuff is very, very expensive and not some minor little thing that people would flock and feel as if they needed to have the next model.
The benefits of Bluetooth on an iPod are pretty numerous. For one, there is the possbility that people could tie in the earphones they already own for their cellphones in to it and you could have wireless headsets. Another thought is that people could beam their music to their stereo and we would then have an updated AirTunes basestation. But most important of all is that there are many cars being made these days with built-in Bluetooth systems for cellphones. I’m sure these could be easily changed allow the iPod to beam to them as well and things like the iTrip would go out the window. The one thing that really wouldn’t work too well is syncing. Yes, you could probably do it via Bluetooth, but it would be slooow.
I of course have no official knowledge of anything like this ever happening, but based upon all the gadgets out there that make a lot of these things possible, how widespread Bluetooth is becoming, and the fact it used little power, it seems like a rather ideal fit for the next model off iPod, unless of course, they’re just satisfied with constantly increasing the space to storage limits that are ridiculously absurd.