I Saw Martin Short Half Naked

No, really, I did, and it wasn’t some publicity stunt because there I am, minding my own business, working out at my gym, when I walk in to the locker room and there he is, just cruising around in a towel. I didn’t really recognize him at first, since I wasn’t wearing any optics, but someone else did and then I realized that yeah, it was him.

He was keeping it pretty low profile, which was cool, but still, he was doing his thing there in my locker room, cleaning out his ears with the complimentary Q-tips. I think he’s in town for a show that he’s doing or maybe he’s just here to kick it “Short Style” and all that entails. Whatever the case, that was one of the last places to I’d expect a celebrity sighting in San Fran-freakin-frisco.

So, all the ladies are probably wondering how he’s looking these days? I’m not usually one to give a glance at the gents in my gym because being that’s it’s SF, you’ll more than likely get attention you really don’t want as a straight guy. But, since I was trying to focus and see if it really was him, I did get a good look and let’s just say that he’s not in Ned Nederlander shape, but at the same time, he’s no Jiminy Glick. You know, he’s like 56 and doing his thing, which appears to overlap with the time when I’m at the gym. Bizarre.