I remember everything until the Champagne

I was certain that I new better than this. I know the old addage about mixing alcohols and for some reason decidely ignored it last night.
My girlfriend’s wonderful company had their Christmas party at a club called Fluid http://www.fluidsf.com last night. It’s a hip clug with a great interior and good music. It also happens to have great drinks, but they are not cheap by any means.
So, upon discovering that it was an open bar, I quickly changed my mind about only drinking beer got a liquorious as to what some of these things tasted like and went for it. I was managing fine, trying such things as the Fluid Martini, which, while fufu was a tasty drink.
After about oh, 4-5 drinks, I was feeling just fiiiiine. I even went dancing, so you realize how loaded I must have been. Coming back from the floor myself and girl sat with the rest of her coworkers who had decided to get some Champagne to celebrate a bit. Why noy, huh?
Now, to saw that I don’t remember a thing after letting that bubbling liquid roll down my throat would be incorrect. I do remember some things, but I’m not quite sure if they truly happened, or if they happened in the order that I remember. And, I’m pretty sure that I didn’t ride a horse back home, so I’m a little concerned as to the varacity of it all. Girlfriend says I did fine, so, in the end, I guess that’s all that really matters.
So…. a little reminder, don’t mix hard liquor with, well, with anything.