I Pray for Rain or the End of the Semester

Down the street in great abundance, there are these little skater brats who have decided ot move in like a flock of very annoying birds. I say brats because they live in the Art Academy dorms and they’re pretty obviously not doing much with their time except riding out the meal ticket from mom and dad. And this really is something to watch, since these guys really suck badly. I would think that no matter how much doing nothing they’re working at, that after nearly a year of flopping about on their boards and slapping them against the pavement, they’d star to improve. Such is not the case.
I can see all the normal frustrations: it was the board, it was the traffic, my pants are “skater” enough, I just don’t feel it. It’s kind of sad really. I cna only imagine that their art must be complete poo since they spend all their time out on the street flapping against the road. Of course, I think there may be some kind of fashion statement in all of this, since they can show off the road rash and “scars” they get from falling off a front side kick flip, but really, these battle wounds are sad. My brother skates and he’s got some truly nasty wounds from it all. He’s got stuff that will never heal over in to normal skin. These guys get stuff that they have the balls to try and treat with Neosporin. No scars for these “rebels” oh no. Just constant and never improving flopping.
I’ve wanted to start going down there with some cheap beer, sit on the steps of the dorm (this was once and apartment, but now houses these brats) and yell out stuff like, “Get a job.”, “Dude you blow.”, “Man, you’re a total Wilma, give it up.”, “My bowel movements board better than you do.”, “This is never going to get you laid.”, and maybe even, “If I had a sister, she’d punch you in the face piss on you, and you’d like it.” But, without having to really get in to all of this, I’ve noticed a growing crowd that sits out and laughs with them. I think these guys are a little dense from too much gritty weed and are mistaking the laughing at them with cheers of admiration. Whatever the case, it seems to be reaching a critical mass, since I think they’re nearing the end of the semester. Whether it be rain or finals, I’ll be thrilled with this little weaklings leave.