I Now Worship Lily Allen

After reading a post on wwtdd.com about Lily Allen I am now in awe. Much like Brandon says, who writes at What Would Tyler Durden Do?, this girl just makes some flat out sense. Something that you just don’t see these days. Naturally, it helps that she’s English. They seem to have their crap together in general and if they’ve had any kind of strife in their life, they’re so logical, it would burn Spock’s ears.
Top it all off, I actually like her music as well. I don’t really know what to call it. It’s kinda poppy, but sorta edgy. Probably need to crank it in my 6-4 where my system be at. At least you can hear her accent when she sings. Not like those Milli Vanilli guys. They didn’t sound German at all when they sang. So weird.