I need a Latte and I need it Now!

In looking for gigs, I cruise the non-profit board on Craigslist as, in theory, these are companies I would be more interested in working for. Of course, there are always the assholes out there who make me realize that really, non-profits are pretty much like any other company in that those at the top think they’re changing the world and should be worshiped in due accord.
Case in point is a post from two days ago on the listings which you can see below. I love these posts. For one, this CEO is just looking for a subordinate lackey. For two, this falls under that lovely “exposure” umbrella that so many people and groups think is a selling point. “Do X for me for free and it will get you great exposure!” I’ve got all the exposure I need from the fat guy across the street who watches TV in the buff. Exposure is crap. You know what isn’t crap? Money. Yeah, it’s that simple. Pay me for the job I’m doing and pay me fairly. We’ll both end up a lot happier.
I can only hope that the self-righteous prick who posted this realizes that:
a) They could only get away with such a paltry “salary” (16 hours a week at $20 an hour) in a down economy.
b) Anyone who actually applies for this is going to be such a half-wit that they’re going to end up with a dry cleaned cat and the litter box for their suits changed.
c) That their “incredible” and “so simple” iPhone which now needs a part time staff member to support it should actually be supported by an IT person instead. I can only hope that the phone explodes when this CEO is showing off whatever new “app” the lackey tried to install with a kitchen fork and celery.
I need a Latte and I need it Now!