I Love That Tunnel

So, I’ve been carpooling most of the time in my trek from San Francisco to Walnut Creek for work. While generally rather quiet, I like the group. Some mornings are more livelier than others. One thing that I simply can’t stnad is morning radio.
For some reason, somewhere, at some time, it was decided that we wanted to listen to someone jabber first thing in the morning. The occurence of this in the morning has forever tarnished the radio in my opinion, but people seem to listen to it. I guess it must be because you can’t get any music stations in the morning due to all of them being the victim of a hostile takeover by the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Howard Stern, or one of the countless myriad of morons that pop up all the time.
The one think that I do like about the morning radio though, is that is cannot go underground. And since Highway 24 punches straight through a mountain via the Caldecott Tunnel, there is a breath of silence, where the idiots and the droning on’s can’t be heard. I love that tunnel and the two minute respite it provides.