I Love Frog’s Leap (Yes, Even More)

Ah, Frog’s Leap, how I adore thee. Sure, I’ve written about how much I liked this winery the first time I went there last year, but now I have even more reasons to gush like an idiot. For one, they don’t charge for their tastings and tours, which I erroneously thought were $10 when I wrote about them last year. They make you attend one on a schedule and no, you can’t have the tasting without the tour, but they do not charge. They also give you healthy pours and are willing to top you off at any point you might need it.
Our tour guide was a bit irreverent and we had to hear the founder’s name a bit more than way too much, but she was fine and even borderlined on funny at points, but just borderlined. It was great to learn more about the winery, since I just thought they made great wines. As it turns out, they solar power the place, geo-thermally cool it (pipes 200 feet underground), organically (and damned near biodynamically) farm it, employ their “seasonal” workers full time with full benefits, as well as dry farm the grapes. For those unfamiliar, dry farming is using no irrigation. Most everyone in Napa does use irrigation which is part of the reason the wines are so idiotically high in alcohol because they are able to keep them on the vine longer. At Frog’s Leap, they’re forced to harvest when the grapes and weather say it’s time, which means that they have a lot lower sugar and thus, less alcohol in the finished wine. Why would you want less alcohol you might ask? Simple, you get more flavor and just more betterness. Plus, you can enjoy a lot more delicious wine instead of just one glass of a Zinfandel that might be 19% these days from other wineries. I mean, when you think about it, that’s nearly a 40 proof wine, which is kinda nasty. With Frog’s Leap, you don’t get that.
Naturally, the wines aren’t super cheap. They’re lower in price than a lot of other wineries in Napa that I think aren’t nearly as good. They are also damnable because there is simply no way you are going to get out of Frog’s Leap without buying something. Hell, even their Merlot is good. I am going to run with the assumption that this is why they don’t charge for tastings.
I Love Frog's Leap (Yes, Even More)