I Hate Michael Bauer

Simply out of jealous rage and spite. For those who don’t know, he is the main (if not only) restaurant critic for the San Francisco Chronicle. Oh what a horrid, soul-wrenching job that has to be. To slog around the vast culinary gulches of San Francisco. God how I envy him.
Anyways, he just came out with his Top Restaurants of 2006 list and it looks delicious. As is typical of his reviews, the guy knows his stuff incredible well. I wish I could be dragged along to his food reviews as he tries everything under the sun. Of course, to do this, a food reviewer must have an enormously open mind about food. So, there is that downside. I’m sure he also has to eat some crappy meals as well. But then, we all do.
Given that he seems to be a pretty fair reviewer and he gives great marks to so many places, I’m amazed that SF isn’t fatter as whole because of him. Kinda like that Simpson’s episode. So fat, but so happy.