I… Hate Embassies…

Damn You Chinese EmbassyGrrr. For some reason, a friend thought that it would be easier for me to drop off her visa application for China directly to the Chinese embassy and like an idiot showing how green an international traveler I am, I accepted. Bad move. Just like the DMV, there is always a line at the embassy and I was one of the morons stuck in it.
It probably wouldn’t have been so bad except for the fact that the amount of people cutting in line blew my mind. You could just watch one after the other go to the front with the obvious perception that their needs are greater than anyone else’s when we all have the same stupid reason for being there; getting a visa. You’d think that people would try to stop them, but no, they don’t. I was getting ready to clothesline someone if they tried it when I was at the head of the line, but nobody made the attempt.
Of course, people will probably assume that I’m talking about Chinese cutting to the front because if you’ve ever made the mistake of walking down Stockton Street on the weekend, you know that the concept of the line is something lost on those groups in Chinatown. But no, these were plain old white folk doing this. How these people were going to survive in China was beyond me.
Added in to all of this frustration was the fact that I just recently heard Monty Python’s I Like Chinese (song mp3) all the way through for the first time. So of course that was bouncing around in my head the whole time. Thankfully, before I really pissed anyone off by blurting the lyrics out loud, I started to rewrite the song to be, “I hate embassies…”