I Can’t Think of a Damn Thing to Write

I’m at one of the unfortunate states in life where I’m a bit numb to things and there is little witty commentary of verbose descriptions to describe the things around me.
I don’t know what exactly happened, but I think work is partially to blame. Perhaps there have been solar flares, or badly timed events, but the workload has gone on overload. I get in, I start up the machine and already have ten waiting trouble tickets before I even get a morning cup of tea. From there, I blink a few times and I’m either back in the carpool or bumping along on the Bart. It’s this vacuous place in time out there at the office and it seems to always mean that there is something I forgot to do, or some bit I didn’t switch which I have to pick up when I get home.
To this end, I found myself crashing on my armchair, watching the widescreen stupid box the minute I got home. Didn’t seem to much matter what it was, since I would watch anything that came on in order to empty my head of the daily nonsense that had just blazed past me, sardonically laughing at my attempt to grasp a linear span of events from a circular funnel cloud of digital disaster.
I cancelled the cable. I didn’t hook up an aerial antenna to the widescreen stupid box. It lies dormant now. It only breathes when I pop in a DVD such as “The Office” or something else that someone else has created which mocks the fact that my film is still being edited.
Thankfully I did find someone else to edit the film, since the progress on that was nearly null due to the length of time at work. All the bits and pieces of my labors sit at another’s home in the San Francisco hills getting spliced together into something meaningful.
Maybe I’m no fun anymore. Maybe I just talk about all the things that are bothering me. I look at the above paragraphs and that certainly seems to be the case.
I keep reminding myself that this job is a temporary thing I’m doing in order to get rid of student loans and get more established in the IT field. Of course, its difficult for me to do anything half-assed as that just seems like a cop-out and begs the question as to why you’re even doing it.
Everything is coming along though. It’s funny how winter can set in, in the middle of June. I never liked summer anyways. I guess that’s why I moved to San Francisco; in order to avoid the screaming sun and gleaming 100+ degree days of my hometown.
I’m of the opinion that I could definitely use another trip to London very soon. Maybe that will be my reward once I get this OS X migration done for the company. Oh that damned migration. It occupies nearly every thought. Look, it just popped up in here! Damned Mac OS X. Such a pile of Jenga sticks. You get everything just right, start to make a move and then the whole pile comes crashing down on you. I’ve never been confronted by a more difficult puzzle. I think I’ve come to the solution that there is no graceful method to do it. There is no way to get everything just right so that people walk in, in the morning to find that their new system is up and running. Nope, can’t be done in the time that I need to do it in.
Okay, fine, on to other things.
It’s really not that back around here. I just got awoken while in the middle of a dream (not that I can remember it) and so I’m walking around in something of a dazed state. I think it’s Friday again, so that means, much more importantly than it being the weekend tomorrow, it’s Bagel Day out at the office. Mmmmm, bagels