I Am At One With My Elevator

It was maybe a week ago or so that I was riding in the elevator of my building and it started jerking a bit as I was taking it down. Nothing crazy, but probably enough to freak out people who don’t like elevators. I happen to realize that the thing is 80 years old and is fairly excused in being proletarian at times. But, this time, I could feel that something was wrong. The elevator was ill.
Not really knowing what else to do, I made a mention of it to the building manager who didn’t really do anything about it. I kept riding it and last Friday there was an unfortunate note on the door at every floor stating that the elevator was offline until it could be fixed which meant that Monday would be the earliest to get our lift back.
It’s true that five floors aren’t that many to walk up, but I like being lazy. More importantly though, it’s good to see that I have acheived a sameness with the elevator that allows me to see its inner-being and thought; a window into the soul of an overhead hydraulic traction lift as the permit in it says. I just hope it gets working soon. My laziness is out of balance.