I am an Email Addict

I will drop anything that I’m doing when I see that I get a new email. This has always been the case, no matter how much or how little I am doing at the moment. I swear, I could be in the middle of a war and if I saw that I had new mail, I’d risk setting down my rifle to check it.
It’s probably good that I finally turned off the alert sound you get when you have new mail because I’ve damn near killed myself running in from other rooms to get at the mail. This unquenchable insanity comes over me and I’ll chew my foot off to get out of a bear trap in order to see who has sent what to me.
I’m guessing a lot of us are like this and if the amount of community sites that offering this instantaneous interaction are any indication, I think it really is the case that we all want messages.
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