I am addicted to soap

I’m never been a big fan of soap. All it does it get the crusties and the grubbies off of you on a daily or weekly basis as your hygeine may be.
I made the mistake of buying fancy soap yesterday. Nothing like paying $10 for a bar of soap. I was thinking, oh, it’d be a nice gift for the girl. While I was at Lush http://www.lush.com (on Powell St. here in SF, Kensington High Street In London) the nice girl behind the counter gave me a sample of this new honey, something something or other. Great, girl will appreciate it.
So, I get home and figure, oh what the hell, I’ll grab a quick shower with the fancy glycerine. That was a big mistake. This stuff smelled fantastic and that’s coming from a guy! I don’t know what they put into their soap, or maybe it’s what they don’t put in, but it’s such a great smell to it.
After the shower, I was feeling like washing my hands and though, “Hell, let’s try this honey something or other” Yet another mistake. I haven’t been able to stop smelling my hands since I used it.
Don’t know if you’ve got one of these Lush stores near you, but I don’t think I can go back to using Irish Spring now that I’ve tasty a mightier soap product. Don’t know how I’ll afford this fancy crap soap, but I’ll have to figure out some way, because man, it’s just tasty stuff.