I will never be a Jeffersonian


Naturally, I came across this rather surprisingly strong move to try and split up California in to six new states on the BBC. That says something about where you’re getting your American news although this article on Vox has more to add to it as well.

It should be noted that there is nothing terribly new in this as most people who live in California are aware of a divide between North and South and those of us from the North (which I am most wholeheartedly) make any number of complaints such as the South “stealing” our water for their golf courses. Beyond this, there has also been the concept of creating “Jefferson” as the 51st state for some time, although that proposal calls on merging what are basically the poorest parts of Northern California with the poorest parts of Southern Oregon to create a state that I posit would be better called Mad Max Land.

I have to say that I am for a splitting up of California. As the US’s most populous state, it’s a very unwieldy place to manage. Of course on that note, I’m for splitting up the US, Russia, Brazil, China, Japan, and any other country in to smaller ones of about 50 million people tops. When countries get too large, they don’t play nicely with their neighbors as shown by well, history.

All of that aside, the call to split up California in to six states is asinine, especially as my home state would become the one called Jefferson and to me that sounds worse than being from Ohio (I really need to find another state to pick on…) At most there should be three and honestly a division in to two would be more than adequate. In case anyone wants to know where the dividing line would be, drive between San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara, you see that somewhere along Highway 101, you cross an imaginary line wherein North California stops and South California begins.

For all over purposes though, I will most definitely be voting a big fat No on Mr. Draper’s proposition when 2016 rolls around as having the state of Google-Facebook-Twitter is more terrifying than corporations being deemed “people”.