Hungarian Food is Massive. Delicious.

Hungarian Food is Massive.  Delicious.

After a talk about dentists naturally moving in to the food of Hungary makes a great deal of sense. Hungary has tasty, tasty food. It can be huge in portions, but it is always delicious. I attribute this to two things: paprika and sour cream.

Paprika is a well-known Hungarian specialty. They grow it in massive amounts and they consume it in massive amounts. While a great deal is made about how spicy it is, I don’t find it all that “caliente”. It is flavorful though and it adds a great touch to any meal that has it.

As for sour cream, the Hungarians should consider themselves blessed. This fine dairy product never seemed to make it much further than Eastern Europe and is a constant frustration when in Spain and I try to find it to add to dishes. I think that we really take it for granted in the US, because I’ve realized that it’s a crucial part of many good dishes. But the Hungarians got it. They use it. They love it. It seems that it mostly makes its appearance in sauces on meats where it is a welcome item. But, it can be found in some desserts as well.

Then there are the actual dishes. Read more about them if you like as that article goes in to more detail than I ever could. I think that my favorite dishes were the ones where they took one meat like a turkey and then stuffed it with another meat, like a bacon. Good stuff. The desserts are full and cream-based. At times I found them a bit too filling, but for those who like their sweets not so sweet, Hungary is the place.

On a side note, in Sopron, the best restaurant is Graben. Some of the worst places to eat at in Budapest are the restaurant in the Novotel as well as just about anything on Liszt Ferenc tér, but that is for a bigger article. One of the best places I ate at in Budapest was Cafe Déryné which is a bit of new Hungarian dishes that are really good.