Humor that Almost Makes up for the Food

The clip below came out in 2005 or thereabouts, but I just recently found the thing, which makes me a tad degree lame, but not as lame as someone who wants to share something that he found in 2007 that was aired in 2005 with everyone else.

Anyways, it’s most enjoyable and solid humor by the “brilliant” Rick Gervais. While my last trip through London in September reconfirmed the premise that English food when outside of London is quite bad, this clip reconfirms that the Brits are damned funny as a people. They also are damned musical as a people. I believe this all comes down to the fact that the weather generally sucks and what else are you going to do, but be funny and rock and roll. I can only imagine what would have happened if the English had had good wine. The Romans wouldn’t have left the place so quickly and the world would be far less funny place. That’s what would have happened, I am sure.